Fiona Smith RAB, RTT, BAHons, ITEC

Background & Influences

I have a passion for teaching, coaching, training and mentoring - something I have done in many different environments for almost 30 years. In Spain, I taught English to adults and children in both a traditional school setting, and through the medium of theatre with Moving On theatre company.

Subsequently, I became a teacher trainer in secondary schools in Spain for ELT publisher Burlington Books and then transitioned into Film Productions Services as a Production Manager in early 2000, looking for 'something different'. It took just a year here to realise that the 'difference' I craved was to go inside - not to work 15 hour days making adverts!!

What started as a month-long holiday in a remote hilltribe village in Northern Thailand at the end of a challenging year, turned into a dramatic life change. It was here that I discovered that the 'dis-ease' and discomfort I'd been feeling for a while was happening because I wasn't listening to my body. I realised I'd been pushing myself into burnout and that my body was telling me to stop.  

I discovered yoga and began to study Thai massage and Vipassana meditation. I eventually qualified as a Thai massage practitioner and teacher in 2004 and as a yoga teacher with Yoga Arts in Australia in 2005.


Back in the UK in 2007, I founded Bodywisdom School UK with my sister Nicola and also became an authorised instructor for THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International).

I trained as a life coach in 2009 whilst working as a volunteer for Bristol Mind on their listening helpline and running my clinic, and from 2010 until I left the UK I worked for UWE (University of the West of England) as a Wellbeing Mentor, supporting students with a mental health diagnosis.

Students of all backgrounds received the help they needed in order to succeed and thrive in their lives at university. 

Since 2015 I have lived and worked in Denmark. The move here was another huge transition - arriving as mother to a 4 year old and leaving my professional life and community in Bristol behind and grieving the loss of my beloved grandmother. 

5 Rhythms Dance, meditation practices and yoga influence my life and teaching – I have studied yoga with Donna Farhi, Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten, Rudra Dev & Clive Sheridan amongst others. My biggest influences in dance have come from Dawn Morgan and Leigh Tolson, both certified 5R teachers. I have studied Vipassana meditation in the Goenka style in both India & Thailand and Northern Style Vipassana at Wat Chom Thong in Northern Thailand. 

My business mentors are Jeff Walker of PLF and Marie Forleo of B-School. I'm also a grateful 'Lucky B' and member of Denise Duffield Thomas' Money Bootcamp.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

― Mahatma Gandhi