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Health & Confidence Coaching

for Midlife Women

  • You're 35+

  • You're an amazing multi-tasker, a high achiever

  • You're successful in what you do - whether that's as an entrepreneur, a leader, a mother, an employee

  • You've mastered so much in your life so far 

And yet...


And yet... you've come to a point where you're struggling. Perhaps with weight and fitness, with sleep, with emotions, with relationships - with being all things to all people.

It may be that you've started to go through peri-menopause and your hormones are beginning to 'dance'.

Perhaps you don't even recognise yourself right now. You find yourself sleeping badly, forgetting things, finding it difficult to focus and feeling irritated. You might even be flying into rages.


  • You want to find yourself again and feel comfortable in your own skin, in your body and mind - instead of feeling disconnected and in a constantly whirling maelstrom of emotions.

  • You want a new or improved direction for your life.

  • You want to lose weight and find a self-care routine that actually works.

  • You want to feel clarity, focus and space.

  • You want a way of living your life that feels meaningful and purpose-driven.

Midlife and menopause are an important time of transition for women. 

It's a gateway to a new phase of our lives and as such, can be a time of stepping into our power and finding new purpose.

Everything is changing and it can feel overwhelming as our hormones shift and we leave our old identity behind. 

We all want to find ways to create balance, space and focus, joy and passion in our lives. 

I can help you do that.

Let's make this time your PRIME TIME.

The Japanese call it the 'Second Spring'.​


I offer you proven tools from EFT, NLP, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Somatics and Yoga - practices that are backed up by neuroscience -  to support you in feeling confident and happy in your body, connected with your purpose and clear about your passion. Your midlife really does matter - and I'll be with you all the way to creating balance and joy in body, mind and spirit.
Midlife Mentoring
A single 1:1 Session (on Zoom) to create a plan for what you need right now.
You're fairly happy with how your life is going and you want to make some tweaks so you're better informed, have a plan to moved forward and clarity on your goals.
This choice is ideal to integrate the experience of a Midlife Reboot - you've experienced some big shifts and changes, received a lot of information and you want to get some individual coaching on what comes now.
When you've purchased your session, I'll email you to book you in.
4 Weeks Coaching / 8 Weeks Coaching 
We work together on whatever areas of your life you want to prioritise - starting from where you are right now.
You want to experience more clarity, joy, passion and purpose but are stuck in HOW! (which is the killer of creativity and can actually lead to even greater overwhelm!)
You know the answers to all the questions but perhaps you're not yet asking the right ones! Even if you're stuck right now, there is always a way forward. I will be your cheerleader as well as your coach. I might even occasionally give you a loving shove!!
I already believe in you and will make sure you take aligned action towards the Second Spring you want and deserve.
Areas we may work on together are:
  • aligning your values with your vision - find out what you really want

  • stopping self-sabotage & procrastination

  • increasing your confidence - inside and out

  • developing tools to decrease mental chatter

  • cultivating a peaceful and creative mindset

  • increasing energy and focus

  • developing self-kindness

  • creating a strong self-care and exercise routine

  • taking aligned action towards your goals

YES - I want to invest in 4 Weeks Coaching




YES - I want to invest in 8 Weeks Coaching



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Your Midlife Matters
Supporting & Empowering women through Midlife and Menopause

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