Pregnancy & Post-Natal Thai Massage

Pregnancy Massage

During this special  time of transition and change what we want from a massage may differ enormously from our usual needs. If we usually enjoy deep pressure and stretching (the latter is often found classic Thai Massage) we may find that we now simply want holding and nurture; a time and space to drop back into ourselves, as a woman, as mother-to-be, as 'me'.

We tailor each session individually for each woman as our experience in pregnancy is so very different. Having lived the experience of pregnancy and natural childbirth myself, as a therapist I am able to offer you a treatment with a deep understanding of what your needs might be.


Sessions are either 1 hour or 90 minutes long

Pregnancy Thai Massage is given mostly in the side position,

with pillows and bolsters placed to give support to the body where it most needs it - for example, under the belly, keeping the hips in alignment. Seated massage is another great position to receive in in the latter stages of pregnancy.

We concentrate on opening up the energy body through sensitive work on the Sen (energy) lines. Gentle stretches are included where appropriate to oxygenate muscles and increase flexibility, open joints, lungs, diaphragm and ribcage. 

Benefits Include:

  • Deep relaxation and emotional holding through nurturing touch

  • Relief from pelvic, back and leg pain associated with physical changes and weight increase during pregnancy

  • Soothes and relaxes the nervous system by releasing endorphins into the body 

  • Improves blood circulation, encouraging the return of blood to the heart and increasing blood flow to the uterus and placenta

  • Improves breathing and eases nasal congestion

  • Improves posture and alignment during a time of rapid physical change

  • Eases stress on joints and improves flexibility and muscle tone

  • Promotes better sleep  

  • Offers a safe, drug-free alternative to pain relief during pregnancy

Relieve common discomforts found in pregnancy:

  • water retention in legs (edema)

  • fatigue

  • lower or upper back pain

  • shoulder tension or pain

  • pain in pelvis, sacrum or hips

  • constipation

  • heavy legs

  • sciatica

Post-Natal Massage
Sleeping Baby

Thai Massage is also enormously beneficial post-partum.  


Benefits Include:

  • Helps to balance hormones and lift mood - it's very beneficial for those suffering from post-natal depression 

  • Relieves tension or pain in shoulders, arms and back

  • Relieves postural problems that can develop through breast feeding, carrying baby and or strange/ new sleeping postures 

  • Alleviates exhaustion and anxiety

  • Promotes good quality sleep and relaxation

This time is for you as a new mother - but if you need to bring your baby with you (it's not always easy or desirable to leave her at home) you are welcome to bring her along to your session. Please ask if you're concerned about the practicalities.

Thank you so much for such a lovely massage. I really feel the benefit of having had a whole body massage that's given me new energy and a feeling of flow.

Signe Holm, Health Consultant (35 weeks pregnant)

I was recommended to visit Fiona towards the end of my pregnancy, and it was the best thing I could have treated myself with. Since the massage, which was an ultimate pleasure in itself, I have no more back pain, can walk much better and have loads of energy. I am so thankful for Fiona’s magical hands, and I wish everyone would try it for themselves, pregnant or not.

Pavla Baxová, Student (39 weeks pregnant)