Professional Thai Massage Diploma

Learning the Art of Creative Bodywork

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Practitioner Diploma - Modules 1 & 2 + optional certification (Module 3)
Who is the Practitioner Diploma for?


  • Yoga and Pilates teachers, movement therapists, body-workers and talking therapists (counsellors/ pyschotherapists) who wish to attend a practical, accredited training which adds value to their existing work.

  • Those new to massage, who are looking for an experiential course which offers the opportunity for self-development and the skills to work with family and friends  (adding a professional qualification as an option at the end of their studies)

  • Those who are interested in exploring their creativity through massage and touch.

  • Those who want to complete a recognised, professional Thai Massage Diploma.

The Bodywisdom Professional Diploma offers you a practical and flexible programme leading to an accredited qualification.


By the end of the training you will have the tools to give a two hour full-body Thai Massage and the knowledge to apply the techniques you have learned sensitively, safely and appropriately. You will have the skills to work with clients of any age or body type presenting different needs.


Fiona is a teacher for The Sunshine Network and an instructor member of THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International). She is a RAB massage therapist (Danish State authorised therapist) and is the only person in Denmark to have gained this standard for Thai Massage.


Further information will be available soon about RAB recognition for our courses in Denmark

The Professional Diploma is recognised internationally by the BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners) in the UK, and The Sunshine Network and THAI worldwide.

Module 1: The Art of Mindful Massage
(6 days) 

Exploring the art of touching with awareness. Learn how to use your whole body to work effectively and safely, how to work with structure and energy and the power of the breath. Working supine and prone to develop a 90 min sequence. Open to all levels of experience. Can be taken as stand alone course for personal development or augmentation to existing modality.

Module 2: The Rhythms of Thai Massage (8 days)  

Develop self practice, deepen intuitive understanding and compassionate touch and add to & refine your skills base. In this module we work again in supine and prone positions and add the side & sitting positions, finding flow in transitions learning variations for different body types. We learn about the Sen lines (energy lines) and their therapeutic application in Traditional Thai Massage.

Module 3: Certification (Optional)
(independent supervised study over 3-6 months + case study portfolio)  
  • Integrate and practice what you have learned in Modules 1 & 2 and develop the skills to work safely and therapeutically in a clinical setting. 

  • Preparation and guidance with case studies (60 hours).  

  • Guidance and feedback on individual techniques and overall skill level. This module culminates in theoretical & practical examinations.

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