Therapeutic Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage, often now referred to as Thai Yoga Massage, is a deeply healing form of bodywork derived from the teachings of Ayurveda and Buddhism. It is thought to have travelled from India to Thailand alongside Buddhist teachings some 2000 years ago, to become an integral part of Thailand’s medical system. In the same way that many people in western countries may go to a physiotherapist or osteopath, Thai massage is commonly used in Thailand for injury rehabilitation, to relieve pain and restore healthy function. It is also used to help recovery after a heart attack or stroke.

Thai Massage works physically on the whole body through a system of energy lines called Sen - which are similar to, but not the same as Meridians. We work to release any restriction or blockage in the energy lines, in order to re-balance the flow of Prana (Life force or Qi) that flows through us, supporting our body's natural healing ability. The sensitive and nurturing touch of  a good Thai Massage can help us to listen to ourselves more fully. And when we know what our body is telling us, it helps us to take better care of ourselves in daily life.


Thai Massage can help with:

  • Acute or Chronic pain relief: Lower back pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, headaches and sciatica are a few of the common ailments that it is particularly successful in treating.

  • Enhanced sports performance: Deep massage both prevents injury and helps in post-injury rehabilitation.

  • Relief from stress symptoms and enhanced well-being: Releasing tension creates more space to work creatively with life’s challenges and helps with problems such as insomnia.

  • Depression and Anxiety: Thai Massage has helped many people to feel more grounded, optimistic, lighter and more balanced. The restoring of the natural flow of energy in the body leads to greater calm, mental equilibrium and ease.

  • Flexibility, posture and breathing: Maintaining your health regardless of age and fitness. Good for asthma, high blood pressure and digestive problems.

  • Detoxification: Cleansing the body strengthens the immune system, giving us more energy for getting on with life. Thai Massage is deeply detoxifying of muscle, joints & internal organs.

  • Chronic Fatigue: Gentle but deeply effective massage to boost energy levels, reduce associated aches and pains and improve sleep.

  • Fertility Issues: When wishing to conceive, the more balanced the whole body is, the better. Thai massage will relax the nervous system, ensuring that your para-sympathetic nervous system is functioning properly. We also improve blood flow to the uterus and other internal organs and flush toxins from the system.

  • Menstrual Issues: painful, delayed or absent menstruation can all be helped with Thai massage. We focus on relaxing the abdominal & uterine area, relaxing the nervous system and balancing hormonal function.

  • Peri-menopause & Menopause: Thai massage can help reduce or stop symptoms experienced during this time of change such as hot flushes and sleeplessness. Hormone levels are more balanced, toxins are flushed from the system and energy levels improve. 

  • Personal Process: Helping you to feel more grounded, present and adaptable to change; providing an important opportunity to reconnect with your body and what feels right for you.

The Practicalities 


Where is the massage given?


Thai massage is given fully-clothed on a futon on the floor. If you have mobility issues, we can adapt the massage to a massage table if needed. Please mention this when booking.


What happens in a massage?

We offer northern style Thai massage which uses a unique combination of rhythmic rocking pressure, acupressure along the energy lines, gentle holds and dynamic or gentle Hatha Yoga stretches. Elements of CST, MFR and Tuina may be incorporated into your session. The style of the massage is always adapted to the needs of the individual on the day.


How long do I need?


We recommend a minimum of 1.5 hours for therapy, so if you are coming with a specific issue you would like to work with, please book 1.5 - 2 hours.

Deep, gentle, dynamic, nurturing or relaxing and often a combination of all of these - your massage is always tailored to your needs on the day.

I went to Fiona because I had  terrible migraine, back and neck pain. She suggested trying Myofascial Release Therapy and it was amazing! I recovered my energy and was able to move again without pain. She then gave me Thai massage to balance my whole system and it was exactly what I needed.
She is great, calm and very experienced. Totally recommended.

Lili Boesen Hernandez - Photographer & Doula