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Wellness at Work

Wellness Packages
for stress reduction, pain & tension relief & increased productivity 
Massage & Mindfulness mean
Less Stress

Every year, over half a million people in Denmark are absent from work due to stress.

According to WHO, by 2020, stress & depression will be responsible for 20% of all illness.

Research shows that massage in the workplace works for both employers and employees, reducing pain, stress, fatigue and burnout.

Boost employee energy levels, morale and wellbeing and reduce stress symptoms by offering tailored massage at your place of work.

The pace, noise and workload encountered in many working environments are felt both physically and mentally by employees.

Sitting or standing for long period of time creates tension and stiffness in the body -  physical effects such as shoulder upper back pain, lower back pain, pain, tingling or numbness in the hands and restless leg syndrome can all be effectively treated with a short, focussed massage. 


Massage also combats early stress symptoms such as fatigue, mental fog, headaches and feelings of overwhelm, allowing employees to return to work with some mental space - allowing for focus, clarity, creativity and precision.


A massage package is designed according to your company's needs.

Options include:

  • 30-40 minutes for each employee - up to 10 sessions in one day

  • Half day/ week

  • Full day/ week

  • Full day/ month

If all employees in a company are offered massage, the costs are tax-deductible. Some companies choose to share the cost of the massage between the company and the employee.

Massage & Wellness Coaching

Your package includes wellness coaching for employees. The first meeting includes a 30 minute coaching session after the massage, with a follow-up on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • The massage creates a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing and relieves pain.

  • Goals are set for creating physical and mental health

  • Options for achieving goals are discussed

  • A plan of action decided on

  • Follow-up creates accountability

Involving each employee in creating their personal strategy for better health and wellbeing is both motivating for the individual and cost-effective for the company. Each person takes ownership and responsibility for how they are feeling currently and how they would like to improve. The result is a healthier, more motivated employee and increased focus, output and effectiveness at work. 

Get in touch to discuss an arrangement that works for you - you are welcome to book a 30 minute trial massage with no obligation.

Team / Training Days

If you are organising a training day for a group of employees, you can book BodywisdomDK for the day (or longer) as a 'one-off' to give each person a massage and/or coaching session as part of the day. This has the advantage of improving concentration and focus whilst also giving individuals both a health and motivation boost.

Options include:

  • Yoga class

  • Introduction to wellness at work (e.g. mindfulness/ health 'on the go')

  • 30-60 minute massage

  • 30 minute massage + 15-30 minute wellbeing coaching session

"She (the team leader) sees how hard we work, so it’s fantastic that she’s giving us this experience here."

"I feel amazing – about 6” inches taller!"


“I feel as though I can actually stand up straight.”


“My arms feel much softer now and the pain has gone.”


“You’ve sorted my back out.”


“I much prefer this kind of massage (Thai Massage) – it’s much more up my street than just getting rubbed with oil.”


“There's a very corporate environment here and that’s great…but it’s beautiful to be able to come into this space and it be completely different and so relaxing.”

Team Members at SAP Ariba, Copenhagen